[ General/Basics ]

Masks are really useful when it comes to blending photos and images together, it hides portions of images without having to permanently cut them. Before we get stuck into it download the tutorial files Here. Now what I want you to do first is to open both images in Photoshop, put the Background image in Layer 1 and the Object image in layer 2. Use the Polygonal Lasso Tool to just roughly trace around the Object.

Once you have done that go to the Layers palette and click on the Mask Icon at the bottom to Add Vector Mask.

As you will see the images are now blended in with each other, you can transform or move this image now where ever you want to and it will still have its mask effect on.

If you look at the Layers palette you will notice that there is a Chain in between the image box and the mask. You can Click on this to unlink the mask and move the mask to a different area or you could right click on the chain and select Disable the Layer Mask to remove the mask you did completely.

Too easy? see you in the next tutorial.

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