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There are 3 lasso tools, the regular lasso tool, the polygonal lasso tool and the magnetic lasso tool. In this lesson I want to show you the tricks of the trade, how to use these 3 lasso tools and for those that are already familiar with the lasso tools maybe a couple of things you might not have noticed you could do with them already.

Regular Lasso Tool
This one is just a freehand selection tool, just do a circle on a new layer and test this tool out.

Now try and hold ALT down on your keyboard and do a smaller circle over the first circle. You’ll notice that it is taking a part off it. By holding down ALT you can remove from your selection.

You can also hold down Shift to add to you selection as well.

Polygonal Lasso Tool
Next we have the Polygonal Lasso, now with this one you can do the same thing as we did with the regular lasso. You can hold down ALT to remove or Shift to add to your selection. Only difference with this tool is that it uses straight lines to perform the lasso and connects from one end of a straight line to another.

Magnetic Lasso Tool
Last but not least we have the Magnetic Lasso Tool, now what this tool does is it automatically selects around an object and follows around the edges.  Same thing with the other lassos you can hold down ALT to remove and Shift to add.

Now for your first hands-on lesson I would like you guys to download the image files Here. Using the lasso tool I want you to crop, cut and make it look like the image below.

TIPS: If you find yourself making a mistake while using the lasso tool you don’t have to start over, you just simply press the Delete button on your keyboard to go back a step.

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