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Hey guys and welcome to school of photoshop.com!  Today’s lesson is going to be on preferences and I just want to quickly go through this first before we get stuck into any other tutorials because you will find that setting your preferences the right way could save you hours of hard work and can come in handy in your future projects.

So to start off go to Edit > Preferences and click on General (tip: or hold ctrl + K on your keyboard)

First thing I want to show you guys is File Handling, now leave everything under File Compatibility the way it is except for Maximize PSD and PSB File Compatibility. At the moment it is set on Ask which means everytime you save your work an annoying pop up is going to come up and it can get really annoying, so I would like you guys to change the Maximize PSD and PSB File Compatibility setting to Always. This will stop the annoying pop up box from popping up everytime you save your work.

Next thing I want to show you is the Performance, under memory usage you’ll notice there’s a lever. When working with large files or images you can allocate more ram by pulling the lever up and down.

Under Memory Usage is Scratch Disks, this is where all your temporary files are stored. So if you are running low on disk space you can add or switch between other drives to give more space for your temporary files.

Now to the right you have History & Cache, when your working with Photoshop and you make mistakes or you want to go back on your previous steps you want the number of steps you can go back on to be higher. For now change your History States to 100,  so you can go back atleast 100 steps when your working in Photoshop (note: you can come back to all this later and change it to fit your needs).  You probably won’t understand why as of now but you’ll understand why we need to do this later on in the tutorials.

For Cursors everything is pretty much straight forward but if you want to be really precise when you are working on something with a brush, then check Show Crosshair is Brush Tip. Once you select this option you will notice that there is a + sign right in the center of the brush cursor, again if you want to be precise just turn that on.

Units & Rulers, you can change the measurement type to pixels, inches, cm etc.  which ever measurement makes it easier for you just change it to that one. I’m just going to leave mine on inches.

Guides, Grids, Slices & Count, these are just the colors of the guide lines and you can change them if you want or you can just leave them the way it is.

You can copy the way I have set my preferences or you can play around with it yourself and find out what works best for you. That’s about all you need to know on this subject, too easy yeah? see you in the next tutorial guys.

Tips: If you want to reset all your preferences back to default hold down Ctrl, Alt and Shift keys and simply start Photoshop while holding them down.  When prompted with a dialog box click Yes to  delete the Adobe Photoshop settings file and return everything back to its original state.

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