[ General/Basics ]

Today’s lesson is on smart objects and this is probably going to be the fastest tutorial ever but I am going to show you anyway because I’m sure you guys will be using this all the time. Now what I did here is make an image smaller and bigger again to show you what happens to the quality, as you can see it gets really pixelated.

To fix this problem when scaling images simply go to Layer > Smart Objects > Convert to Smart Object or right click on the layer which you want to be a smart object and select Convert to Smart Object. Do this first before making an image smaller and bigger again.  How do you know if it is a smart object? You should see a small box or thumbnail in the corner the layer which you converted to smart objects, double click on it to edit the image.

Now when you scale the images it should keep its resolution and that’s why its called smart objects. Too easy yeah? see you in the next tutorial.

You can download the PSD file for this Here

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