[ General/Basics ]

The Magic Wand is used to select areas based upon color and similar shades. What I want you to do first is to select the Magic Wand tool, in the options panel (located at the top) for now just make sure the tolerance is set to 32. What this means is that when making a selection with your Magic Wand tool it is going to select 32 shades of the similar color lower and 32 shades higher. You can increase the tolerance to cover more area later on yourself.

For this tutorial I want you guys to get used to using the Magic Wand Tool, I have provided the working files Here and what I want you guys to do is remove the background of the hand image. To do this simply select the white area using your Magic Wand Tool and press Delete, then copy the background image into a new layer below the layer with the hand image.

Too easy? see you in the next tutorial.

TIP: You can hold down Shift while using the Magic Wand Tool to select more shades and cover more area.

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