[ General/Basics ]

Layers in Photoshop help separate images from other images, this makes it easier to edit things. To give you a better idea of how layers work I want you to read and look at the image below at the same time. The first layer (Layer 1) has a background image, the second layer has an image of a hand and the third layer is empty.

The way layers work is what ever image is at the top will go in front, and what ever image is below in the layers palette will sit at the back. So in this case Layer 1, which is the background will be behind the hand image and if I were to add another image in the third layer, that will go on top of the hand. What else you could do is Merge Layers, to do this hold down Shift on your keyboard, select the layers you want to Merge, right click and select Merge Layers. This joins the 2 layers together making them on the same level, so they don’t sit above or before each other and become one image.

Do you get that? you’ll have a better idea in the next tutorial were you will need to start using layers, so I hope to see you guys there.

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