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If you are ever unsure what the shortcut keys are all you have to do is look beside the tool or option you are selecting and it will tell you. When you hover over a tool you will also notice a letter in brackets at the end if the name of the tool, this is the shortcut key. So (P) is the shortcut key for Pen Tool and (R) is the shortcut key for Smudge and so on.  What I want you guys to do is to start taking notice of the letters in brackets when you hover over a tool because it’s a really good way to get these shortcut keys stuck in your head.

Here is the full list of shortcut keys for tools just in case you need to look back on while your working in Photoshop (in alphabetical order):

A: for Path Component Selection Tool
B: for Brush Tool
C: for Crop Tool
D: for Default Colour Palettes Changed To Black Foreground, White Background
E: for Eraser Tool
F: for Cycle Screen Modes
G: for Gradient Tool
H: for Hand Tool
I: for Eyedropper Tool
J: for Airbrush Tool
K: for Slice Tool
L: for Lasso Tool
M: for Marquee Tool
N: for Notes
O: for Dodge/Burn/Sponge Tool
P: for Pen Tool
Q: for Quick Mask
R: for Blur/Sharpen/ Smudge Tool
S: for Stamp (Clone Stamp)
T: for Type Tool
U: for Shape Tool
V: for Move Tool
W: for Wand (Magic Wand Tool)
X: for Swap Colours On Colour Pallete
Y: for History Brush
Z: for Zoom Tool

I don’t want to fill your heads yet with too many shortcut keys but I will post up the rest when I think your ready. At the level you guys are at now, if you have been following my tutorials as a newbie then this is all you need to know right now.  Too easy? it always is once you know what to do.

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